Fathers are an influence on the daughters future relationships!!!


It been a long time since i blogged i know. ive been trying to do research and gain insight on why father-daughter relationships in your childhood determine who you end up with in the future? or how your relationship will be with your husband (thats if you ever get married).
Then i found an article written by some female about the status of romantic relationships and it fitted well with what i was trying to achieve. So readers here it goes, all thankx to San Antonio..

The first love of every woman’s life is her father. He’s the sun and moon to his little girl. How he treats her throughout her adolescent life shapes all of her future romantic relationships. So the message is clear, dad’s, treat your daughters like precious treasures.
Absentee Fathers: Daughters who grow up without a father in the house don’t get the opportunity to see firsthand a loving relationship at work. Without dad around, mom must take on the role of both parents which will cause daughters to grow up believing that men are unreliable and women have a double burden to carry when they, themselves, become a parent one day. They never learn what it’s like to share the load of being a family unit.

Financially Unreliable or tight-fisted Fathers: Fathers who fail to provide (whether it’s due to inability or selfishness) create a particular quirk in many daughters who grow up in this type of deprived environment. Many will overcompensate for this lack by becoming so financially independent that future relationships with men suffer. At their core, men need to feel needed, and if a woman becomes so closed off to accepting financial help (or help of any kind), even when shared in a relationship, because she does not want to feel obligated to any man, it sabotages fledgling relationships. Daughters may also go in an opposite direction seeking a father figure with a large bank account willing to spend it. In this situation, the women never learn what it is to share in an equal relationship, but spend their life being “daddy’s little girl”. Such a romantic relationship is unhealthy.

Abusive Fathers: By far, the worst kind of father is one who is abusive because the emotional and mental damage never heals. Daughters of abusers grow up feeling as if there is something wrong with them, that they are unworthy of being loved. Their whole view on relationships becomes skewed and they subconsciously seek out other abusers. Why? The reason is simple. Abuse is all they knew and therefore, was the example set in their formative years. It’s rare for women to break out of the cycle of abuse when raised with it as the norm. It matters not if the abuse was physical, emotional and/or psychological in nature. All are equally damaging.

Cheating Fathers: Second only to abusive fathers, serial cheaters set a destructive example for daughters who are aware that their fathers cheat on their mothers. They become distrustful, and expect that this is just how men are. Therefore, they end up, often, with a cheater in their adult life. Their belief that men are cheating dogs becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy as they find themselves being cheated on by a man when they enter into a relationship. Now, this isn’t always the case. Again, some women can go in an opposite direction, seeking out someone that will never cheat on them, but this is rare.

This is why it is so important for young men to understand that being a father is more than being a sperm donor. It’s a life long committment to a child where no matter his past shenanigans, it’s time to grow up and be a man! The example they set will affect their children for a lifetime.


One thought on “Fathers are an influence on the daughters future relationships!!!

  1. B* says:

    Absentee Fathers and Financially Unreliable or tight-fisted Fathers:

    I actually just cried by readin abt these 2 type of fathers. I just have this believe that men are unreliable and cannot be trusted bcoz I ddnt knw my father till I was 14. Therefore I grew up wantin to be successful and I wanted to have a baby with and absent father. Guess wat? I have a 4 year old adorable son and his father is absent and doesn’t provide financially or in any other department what so ever!

    In turn I work so hard, studying 4a Bachelor’s degree and working for my son and 3 sibling (as my mum doesn’t work) and of course climbing up the ladder at work. This has not only affected my relationship with a wonderful man in my life but my work. I was declined a management position 3 times bcoz I’m too strong, assertive ‘too much of a man’ they said in my interview feedback from management.

    My bf wants to leave me and his exact words were ” you are too strong, too independent, too much of a man and don’t rely on nobody for anything and you scare me and this is the honest truth’

    Eish my father was selfish to leave me, I ddnt want his money all I wanted was 4him to be there and guide me, love me and care for me. Now look how I turn out to be like? Its like I always expect the worst frm men and rships and don’t care whether a guy is there or not. Its like I don’t care and don’t have feelings what so ever! Unfair

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