A thank you note to the AVAILABLE but UNAVAILABlE father…

Well this blog has had so many people talking and wanting to express their opinion and feelings about the roles that their fathers played and didn’t play..

I’m glad that it has created a platform for my peers and family to VENT AND EXPRESS so here you go:
To all those peeps who’s dads were run away dads and still managed to be great beings I think you can relate.


Some say Daddy, some say Papa while some say Taima all the words that describe a father…well these are just words to me instead the word “FATHER” for me only exist in prayer! When I turn to the only father that has consistently and permanently been there in my life. Father God.

Explaining this further, see the reason why I say the word “FATHER” was not nonexistent in my vocab is the fact that my biological father was somewhere out there living his life, left behind 4 kids with just their mother. Most single parent headed families are having it hard and YES we had it hard as well…got aware of it when my mom’s 1st born was in varsity. And my mom lost her job, at this point- we were a definition of “Re tshwere ka thata”, but if you didn’t know mercy and grace intervenes in everything as long as its invited.

I can’t dwell much on the negative…its 21 years later and a few months, I speak proudly as a graduate, heading to my post-graduate degree. Blessed with a lot and still on the way to greatness. Maybe if my father was indeed available it would have turned out differently…see what I have not mentioned is that this man had a good job lived a lavish lifestyle a BALLER if I should put it like that, but hardly spent a 1000 on his kids except for a box of juices that he came with when I was in grade 3 in eons. Maybe if. Me and my siblings had a silver spoon in our mouths, we would not have turned out to be the people that we are today. hence the thank you to the Available but Unavailable father. It is through this man that my mom turned around the definition of a double sword parent into a positive one… Inspiring all of us to not be dependistas but do it for ourselves. Although I did not have the word “Father” running though my tongue from childhood till adult phase, I’m proud to say Mma (mother) made it possible.

In conclusion of da matter…maybe single parent (Mother) headed families should add a new name to the dictionary that defines a mother and a father at the same time. I thank his available unavailability which made me the person I am today…. 🙂

Re tshwere ka thata_it is a hard journey for us!!!

Itumeleng Mokwatlo.


6 thoughts on “A thank you note to the AVAILABLE but UNAVAILABlE father…

  1. itumelengm says:

    I wrote this from the heart…intense to read it again…..

  2. zanele says:

    Nice read,I can relate. I also thank the available unavailbility of my father.this experience taught me that no past will ever define your future.

  3. mbathax says:

    Ka thata neh? Da bible tells us that at the end all works out for the better! However I only thank deserving people. Oh yes thank God you made it in life or turned out well, but what if you did no? “Sithwele, kanzima” only partaking Fathers deserve a Thank you. Not even a sarcastic thank you for the absent fathers!!!

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