From people’s opinions about atm fathers an issue evolved. The fact that although we are society filled with ATM fathers, society does have fathers that are alive but dead in their own capacity. These fathers were described as fathers that are not available at all to their families. They reside in one house with the family but fail to fulfill their role as the MAN of the house.
Research has served a great purpose for my blog. People whom I thought don’t have daddy issues are the people that requested to have their story told. This has made me and the people around me aware of the anger that we live with. The fact that we are expected to accept the notion of absent or the atm dads, reflects the condition of our society and the way we think.
Read on, this is written by a lady who lives with the DEAD BUT ALIVE father daily for the past 24 years.
Yes your alive, yes you breathe, yes your loved by many, yes your
famous, yes your name ke Papa…but to me you don’t exist at all.

From a young age i always knew you were different but could never
figure out how. Always thought you were the worlds greatest but i
really wasn’t aware of who you really were.

I believe that my perspective of men has been drastically shattered
only cause you didn’t play your part very well.

One morning in the year 2003, you somehow left and never came back
home. At that moment my world just collapsed, my world fell into
pieces. I cried day and night for days on end…to the point of
depression. I fell into depression cauze of what i had heard..i heard
that you were leaving us. I tried to digest what was going on but
failed miserably and that is how i landed up in a psychiatry ward…i
thought maybe you’d come to see me cause i was ill but you didn’t show
up, a week went by and still you didn’t show up.

By then i already knew that you didn’t care much about me.

I don’t know how it happened and why but you found your senses and
came back home. Man was i excited…i mean i had every reason to be
excited. My world was going to look normal, i have my daddy
back.. little did i know this was going to be the worst thing i could
have ever wished for..

You and i fight like cat and dog..i fail to understand why we fight, i
try by all means to make things civil between us but it seems as tho
im hitting at a brick wall. All i ever wished for is for you to be
supportive in my life. All i want is for you to play your role, i want
to be proud to call you ‘daddy’. In all honesty you don’t deserve that