Absence of A FATHER

So you’ve read about the King…. Its sparked different emotions across people and mainly A SAD one for me as one of the people who are close too me just experienced this

After the death of a father, it is very difficult for the children and family to know what to do with the emotions and empty feelings that come on Father’s Day. Their friends may have plans with their Dad’s, and talking about this may make them sad and uncomfortable. You may also see anxiety and anger levels rise. I’m not going to try and write about the loss of a father yet theKING is still alive, so I thought I would get insight from those who experience this daily.

“People say I look like him, I look in the mirror and I see him. I ask the mirror “Dad u are back?, I look away and look back at the mirror I see myself then DAMN it’s not him, it’s me. DAD COME BACK DAD COME BACK!!!!. I miss u so much you are gone too soon, how could you leave us so sudden we still young how do you expect us to live without you. Every day I wake up in this house I wish I could see my parents coming in and say they were just testing us… I still can’t believe I don’t have both parents. I’m reminded of this void every time I listen to my colleagues at work calling their parents telling them how much they love them. I look at my phone I have no one to call, but call my eldest sister *(Mbali) who had to assume the role of mom and dad but it’s not the same. I chat to my younger sister *(Thuli), the question I have is, if I’m not coping then how the HELL is she holding up so strong?? OH Lord what have WE done to deserve this this sorta pain??..On Mbali’s wedding day everyone is present except two people who raised her into the phenomenal woman she is today. Thuli is doing great in tertiary just mom and dad had planned. I just fathered a baby boy. Will I be able to be the father you were to me because I was robbed of you? Only memories left in our hearts and minds.

P.S. Tribute to Bab’ Nsibande who passed away 29/05/2013, you will be missed. May your soul rest in eternal peace.
Tribute to Bab’ Tshabalala and all the other fallen FATHERS… *XOXOXOXO*

* not their real names.


5 thoughts on “Absence of A FATHER

  1. Thando says:


  2. RIP to kunchi’s dad, may his soul rest in peace.

  3. lesego2 says:

    no one can ever replace someones father, its an unbearable pain that I dont ever wish on anyone. his finally resting in heaven with angels because he was definitely an angel on Earth. lost a dad, gained another guardian angel.

  4. XKay says:

    *crying* Fortunatley for the ones who know where their fathers are resting, I often. Wonder what will happen on my graduation day? What will happen on my wedding day? Like who will negotiate my LOBOLA? Absent means you were once there now you not! I long to seat next to him that and have a chat with Dad just that, I wonder which coulgne is he using? Which Team is he suporting. I respect all the fathers who did partake in their children lives even if they did not do much just for being there! May Baba Nsibande rest well and alwehlanga lungehlanga kwaNsibande!

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