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From left to right… ME (Ntombi) My father Sipho and my older sister Sibongiseni..

“The fathers have eaten a sour grape and the children’s teeth are set on edge”. (Jeremiah, Book 31, Verse 29) This quote from the Bible represented the power of the father as the primary authority of the family for many centuries. A fathers word is unquestioned, they decisions he makes are not altered, the influence he has on the people he has in his surroundings. My father is a living testimant of the above verse. God has granted us with a man who understands his role and the responsibilities that come with it. #king #provider #lover #confidant #teacher #theKING

What is the reality these days? There is no question that fathers do play an important part in their children’s lives. My FATHER has been present from birth till now, Thank the good Lord for still keeping him around.
My FATHER to whom in these posts will be referred to as the KING, no where in these posts will i hear you call him by his first name. #bigsisteriswatchingyou

Sipho Paul Mkhonza (theKING) is a father of three, me(24) Sibongiseni(29) and Thulani(34), we are all 5years apart. Technically its 4 kids because he had a daughter (39) that i only discovered in 2004 and i was 16, so there wont much mentions about her. His is married my QUEEN my mother Zandile Mkhonza. Together they make the ideal couple. #PARENTS4ALIFETIME

Its as important to a son as it it to a daughter to have a father figure in their lives. He provides a feeling of constant protection and stability. If the father consumes his role and responsilities at the right time in a childs life, he will raise a QUEEN OR KING.
“So much of what a father teaches his children is not necessarily done by sitting down and talking to them, but by behaving the way he wants his children to behave,” says Matthew Weinshenker, PhD, assistant professor of sociology at Fordham University.

MyKINGs teachings are instilled in you as a toddler then you choose as the child whether to take all of them and live by them or live by some of them. thKING is strict, he doesnt tolerrate bullshit coming from ANYONE.
The King is the realdeal.. From his million teachings i have chosen a few of which i will go through each in details.

The people who are aspiring fathers, the people who are fathers now and want be something of the REALDEAL (something like theKING) I SUGGEST YOU DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR ND TAKE NOTES.


theKING himself is an asservite person. He believes that if you want to be taken seriously in society you have to be assertive and stand by your word, a word that substance. “Mawukhuluma fanele uzwakale”.

The presence of the father in his childrens lives is more than just being a provider but being theKING……


14 thoughts on “

  1. Lerato Matloha says:

    Ur story made me wish I had a father cos then I wud have a King of my own too….its true we loose out on some fatherly essense when we grow up without fathers!

  2. Taki says:

    He is indeed the King and Hero, you are lucky 2 have him in ur lives!!! 🙂

  3. Buda says:

    The King who I had the privilege to meet is a man of culture and respect. I can safely say he’s teachings are instilled on one of the most humbled beings (Sbongiseni). As for the (24 year old)… King need to work harder on that one! but very smart, intellectual, and a driven young women. My bestie aka my f.

  4. Pabii says:

    A topic close to my heart as you know. You definitely are blessed with a KING. And yes even when he’s not around uyazwakala from miles away…hahahaha!

  5. Khwezi says:

    “stand your word”, stand your ground.
    That’s very important as the head of a home. That’s what a father should be: A pillar of strength. And the above from theKING is noted.

  6. nmkhonza2 says:

    Thanx guys 🙂 He is indeed the KING..

  7. ncoh nunu i just made me wna call my dad now and tell him how matter i just love him! thank u for the reminder 🙂

  8. Lesego says:

    love your story truly inspirational wish more dads would take responsibility and just love their kids unconditionally. wish to meet the King one day. even better yet how about he adopts me.lol….

  9. mdu says:

    Ahh sweet, he is truly a king…. a father, who supports and love you guys but doesnt take any bullshit.. your words reminded me of a father i once had…

  10. mdu says:

    Ahh sweet he is truly a king… a father, who supports and love you guys, but doesnt take any bullshit.. your words reminded me of a father i once had

  11. katlie21 says:

    Inspired to work on ma relationship wit who wud b my King again. This came at a time where I was battling with a decision whether to or not…well done to the king, gives princesses lyk us an impressive examplary of what a real king is…hail to the king.

  12. Nkosinathi says:

    A true KING indeed, its always great hearing there’s KINGS like him who still walk amongst us n lead by example.

  13. ntando says:

    Speechless Ntombi!

  14. nmkhonza2 says:

    🙂 Thank you guys all so much really are blessed with a great man.

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